What are the Pros and Cons of Buying and Using PLR Content?

There are many advantages to buying and using top-tier Private Label Rights content like the ones we offer at Surefire PLR. We will explore them in this post, and we’ll also look at a couple of disadvantages, which we believe you can turn to your advantage.
Blog Article Feature - Pros and cons of PLR
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If you want to succeed as a digital marketer today, you need superior content—and lots of it. You need fresh content for your website and your social media channels. It is essential that you develop and maintain an expert status in your niche. Your audience will expect you to provide compelling content regularly.

So how can you come up with this content? Well, if you are a good writer, you can create it yourself. But this is a very time-consuming undertaking. Plan B, you can use a professional copy writer; this will save you time but cost you money. Skilled writers are rare, often costly, and always busy.

Or you can use PLR content. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using PLR content for your marketing.

The Pros 

  1. It’s a cost-effective way of creating content.

Even the highest quality PLR packages (such as ours at Surefire PLR) are inexpensive. Your package will typically include an eBook, some articles, a lead magnet report, and so on. If you want some practical ideas on how you can use PLR content, then please go here for your free report.

You can use content from the eBook and split it up into a series of blog posts, for example. It is very important that you spend the time or money to make the text distinctive, though, as your posts will not rank in Google or the other search engines if you use duplicate content.

Buying premium PLR content and then tailoring it for your website is a lot less expensive than hiring a professional writer. It will also save you a great deal of time, as you don’t have to spend time researching and writing from scratch.

  1. You can have your own product.

Smart digital marketers know that having their own product or products is the way to go. It is clearly better than affiliate marketing, because you keep all of the sales revenue, and the customers are yours. (And remember, always add a customer to your email list when they make a purchase.)

Creating your own product will take time, effort, and probably money. Even if you are a talented writer and really know your stuff, you will still need professional graphics for your product. You will need exceptional copy to attract people to opt into your email list and buy your product.

  1. A high-quality PLR Packages give you everything.

The best PLR packages will provide you with absolutely everything you need. This is what you will typically get with one of our Surefire PLR packages:

  • A substantive eBook
  • A clear lead magnet report
  • Several well-researched articles
  • High-converting sales page
  • Effective squeeze page
  • Thank-you pages
  • Checklist
  • Resource sheet
  • Professional graphics package

Basically, you’ll have everything you need to boost your online presence and start generating leads and making sales. If you want to add one-time offer pages to your sales funnel, you can do that too.

  1. PLR is the perfect solution for you if writing isn’t your strong suit.

If you find writing difficult, or if English is not your first language, then high-quality PLR material has you covered. Even if writing comes easily to you, may want to use your time more effectively—and you should!

There is no shame in not be able to write or not wanting to. PLR is the answer here. You can be up and running in no time and for very little money.

The Cons 

  1. A lot of the PLR content out there is poor quality.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of shoddy PLR being offered these days. It was for this very reason that we started Surefire PLR. Using low-quality PLR as the basis of your content will damage your reputation in the market—just don’t do it!

Some PLR sellers think it is okay to hire writers who are not native English speakers. No disrespect to anyone here, but we do not agree with this and never will. All our writers are native English speakers who research their subjects in depth and convey the information clearly and powerfully.

There is nothing worse than receiving a poorly written PLR package with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes and shallow material. If you use free PLR sites, this is what you can expect. Unfortunately, some premium PLR sites sell content like this.

At Surefire PLR we spend a fortune on the best copywriters and graphic designers to bring you the very best PLR packages. Exceptional PLR is a reality—you just need to find it. 

  1. PLR is not unique.

This is very true. A number of different people will purchase the same PLR package and publish the content as it is. If you do the same, you will create duplicate content, which is not good for your website.

Sure, you can take the PLR package and just upload it and sell it. But know that many others will do this too. Just changing the name of the author isn’t enough. People are not stupid, and you will soon get into a price war and end up selling your PLR product for peanuts. 

With a little bit of work, you can customize your PLR content. If your package includes articles, say, then we recommend that you modify them to make them unique.

You can rebrand the main eBook product as well. Give it a different title, have some different graphics created, and tweak some of the content in the guide. You can outsource all of this if you don’t have the skills, the time, or the inclination to do it yourself.

The thing is, most people are lazy. They are not going to take the time to rebrand their PLR package and make it their own. With a little effort, you will end up with a unique product that stands out, and you can charge whatever price you want for it.

Investing in high-caliber PLR is always worth it.

So there you have it. Surefire offers outstanding PLR packages in many different niches. You can easily tailor them to meet your individual needs by spending a bit of time, or you can outsource the task. Even if you outsource the customization, you will still save a great deal of money compared to creating the product from scratch.

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